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Bobby King's design and research portfolio

I'm a friendly UX designer and researcher based in Glasgow, Scotland. My core skills are user research and interaction design but I also do user interface design, analytics and content strategy. I've been working in the UX field for fourteen years, mainly in financial services and the public sector. Hire me for contract and freelance UX work in Scotland.

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I love my work. Here are some of the organisations I've helped:

six company logos

Case Studies

Including User Research, running a redesign and UX/UI design:

Royal London sketch SLC sketch


Tools for fellow designers - including a Fintech UI and UX icon sets for mapping user journeys.

mobile phone layouts

About me

I've been researching, designing and delivering online services since 2007. I've designed User Interfaces for apps and websites but since early 2019 I've moved into pure research. Most of my work comes from Digital Transformation projects. Helping organisations grasp user-centred design and Agile working is the most rewarding part of what I do.

Here's some examples of how I think:

I run the following:

As a designer I've been inspired by: